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Translating and saving a page results in Version conflict with Eng version



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Access Administer Wiki from the Drawer
      2. Click Content > Localization
      3. Select Yes from the multilingual drop-down menu
      4. Select French, English, Romanian under "Supported languages", Default Language > English
      5. Click Save
      6. Create a new page
      7. Edit it in WYSIWYG mode
      8. Add some text in the title and the content of the Original en page
      9. Click Save
      10. Click on one of the language you want to translate to, in the "Page Translations" panel eg. fr
      11. Add some text in the title and content of the fr page
      12. Click Save / Enregistrer

      Expected results: The translation page is saved as expected.

      Actual results: A Version conflict box appears, mixing the original English page with the French translation.

      NOTE : This issue doesn't reproduce when using the Existing translations from the Page Translations panel. I think this was fixed in XWIKI-18053

      On the Sandbox pages when using what is under "Translate this page" (in this case ro) the issue reproduces
      Works good when using the Existing translations
      Version conflict when using a new translation

      Issue was reproduced by iandriuta also.


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