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Wrong number of elements in LiveTable in case of view denied



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      The LiveTable elements number is badly counting hidden elements in case of view denied. Moreover in case there's multiple pages for the number of elements we have weird behaviours, such as some elements only displayed on second page and no element on first page.
      Finally there is some javascript errors when navigating between pages.

      Reproduction step:

      • On a fresh demo wiki, deny view right to Help space for guest users
      • Go to the page index

      Expected results:

      • Help pages are displayed with N/A and the pagination is correct

      Obtained result:

      • No lines are displayed for Help pages
      • Navigating between pages triggers following javascript error in console:
      Uncaught ReferenceError: N is not defined
          handler livetable.js:362
          handler livetable.js:351
          displayRows livetable.js:307
          showRows livetable.js:515
          gotoPrevPage livetable.js:976
          _createResponder prototype.js:7276
          u prototype.js:7023
          _methodized prototype.js:458
          invoke prototype.js:969
          w prototype.js:1270
          invoke prototype.js:968
          initialize livetable.js:872
          k prototype.js:82
          initialize livetable.js:110
          k prototype.js:82
          E livetable.js:1391
          v livetable.js:1415
          v livetable.js:1410
          f prototype.js:7292
          P prototype.js:7151
          J prototype.js:7140
          _methodized prototype.js:458
          initialize xwiki.js:716
          f prototype.js:7292
          P prototype.js:7151
          J prototype.js:7140
          _methodized prototype.js:458
          f prototype.js:7327
          EventListener.handleEvent* prototype.js:7355
          <anonymous> prototype.js:7362

      Note that I reproduced the issue on 13.10RC1 with Help space and Index, and on 13.9 with a dedicated LT for some xobjects.




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