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The locale is ignored when indexing documents



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      On page move, backlinks in translated documents are not refactored if not present in the original document. The root cause is that translated documents are not indexed. Caused by XWIKI-19378.

      While the problem already existed before XWIKI-19378, the mention notification does not work on translated documents, see XWIKI-19621.

      Steps to reproduce

      In a multilingual EN/FR main wiki with EN as default language:

      • Create page Sandbox.A.WebHome in EN with a link to Sandbox.B.WebHome in its content
      • Translate Sandbox.A.WebHome to FR with links to Sandbox.B.WebHome and to Sandbox.C.WebHome in its content
      • Create pages Sandbox.B.WebHome and Sandbox.C.WebHome in EN (at this point, you can check the backlinks of Sandbox.C.WebHome, it is empty instead of containing Sandbox.A.WebHome.
      • Move Sandbox.B.WebHome to Sandbox.B1.WebHome
      • Move Sandbox.C.WebHome to Sandbox.C1.WebHome

      Actual result

      In Sandbox.A.WebHome, the links to doc:Sandbox.B.WebHome in EN and FR versions are refactored as expected to doc:Sandbox.B1.WebHome, however the link to Sandbox.C.WebHome in the FR version is not refactored to Sandbox.C1.WebHome, which is unexpected. Before the move, the information tab of Sandbox.C.WebHome does not show Sandbox.A.WebHome as a backlink so the issue seems to be due to an incorrect computation or storage of backlinks located in translated documents.

      I noticed the bug in version 14.2.1 but could not reproduce it in version 13.10.3.


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