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Images style - Border, Alignment and Text Wrap aren't working



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    • 14.4-rc-1
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      Preconditions: Enable the Image Dialog from the WYSIWYG Editor section in the Wiki Administration: look for 'xwiki-image' in the drop down of disabled CKEditor plugins and uncheck it then save.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Edit a page and add some text
      2. Click on the Image icon and upload any image then Select
      3. Click on the Advanced tab and select Border, Alignment and Text Wrap 
      4.  Click on Insert

      Expected results: As per https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Image/Style/UI/

      • Adjustable border: When checked, the end users are allowed to choose if the image has a border
      • Default border: When checked, the image has a border by default
      • Adjustable alignment: When checked, the end users are allowed to choose the alignment of the image
      • Default alignment: The alignment selected by default (none, start, end, center)
      • Adjustable Text Wrap: When checked, the end users are allowed to choose if the text is wrapped around the image
      • Default alignment: When checked, the image has is wrapped around the text

      Actual results: Nothing changes when the user makes any of this selections.


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