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Title of the page provided in the create form is replaced with first heading from file when creating a page as an office import



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    • 14.4.1
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      Steps to reproduce

      • click create button to create a new page
      • fill in a title in the create form and choose the import from office option
      • upload an odt file with 3 sections, each one with a heading 1 title . Such a file is file TestTitleOnImport.odt attached to this issue
      • click import

      Expected result

      A page is created, with the following content:

      • the title chosen in the create form upon page creation
      • the 3 sections from the office file, preceeded by the heading 1 titles from the office file each

      Actual result

      A page is created, the 3 sections and their respective titles are present but, in addition,

      • the title of the page is actually the content of the first heading from the office file
      • However, the actual name of the page is the one filled in in the creation form:

      While this can be a happy guess in some cases, from the pov of coherence of the whole page creation operation it is rather incomprehensible as the title that the user has filled in is not respected.


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