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Hovering tree finder results or quick search results underlines the entire text (multiline) not just the result title



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    • 15.4-rc-1
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      Starting with XWIKI-16140 each search result in the search suggest is wrapped in a link (anchor). This was done for improving accessibility. The problem is that most of the time a search result takes multiple lines because we're no displaying only the result title. There's also some hint and an icon. The outcome is that currently when you hover a search result you get multiple lines of text underlined which doesn't look good IMO and is not consistent with other places where we display suggestions (e.g. the page picker). Maybe I just need to get used to it but in any case we need to decide if this is the new norm or not. I would prefer to not use the underline style because this is close to a drop down menu, where each entry has an action associated, so I'm not sure that the underline style is useful.


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