Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.5 M1 - Text format


  • [XWIKI-1743] - PDF export doesn't work on Wiki Syntax page
  • [XWIKI-1938] - Viewing attachment history fails for some imported attachments
  • [XWIKI-1987] - Comments are listed as created by the author of the document and not by the person who made the comment
  • [XWIKI-2191] - When user logout, his pages locks should be removed
  • [XWIKI-2313] - Feed plugin's startUpdateFeedsInSpace does not allow to update two or more wiki with same space name in virtual mode
  • [XWIKI-2341] - Macro Mapping does not intialize properly macro definition in multi wiki mode
  • [XWIKI-2342] - Section editing is broken
  • [XWIKI-2348] - LDAP authentication print error message with empty "group_mapping" property
  • [XWIKI-2350] - Impossible to remove a named rule from the notification manager
  • [XWIKI-2351] - Wysiwyg editor does not take its stylesheet from preferences
  • [XWIKI-2352] - HTML export is broken
  • [XWIKI-2361] - Can't create group in empty wiki using admin UI
  • [XWIKI-2369] - Error when custom skin defined in wiki page has a macros.vm property
  • [XWIKI-2372] - browsing gives uncaught/wrapped exception
  • [XWIKI-2378] - Configured default page name is not taken into consideration
  • [XWIKI-2379] - Import fails on document archive field
  • [XWIKI-2389] - The inline edit loses the doc's parent and title attributes
  • [XWIKI-2402] - Need an additional click when switching between users and groups in the rights management UI to get the list refreshed (IE6)
  • [XWIKI-2403] - No error/warning displayed in the rights management UI when the user has forbid himself from editing
  • [XWIKI-2405] - The history page displays dates in the 12 hours format
  • [XWIKI-2408] - Default XWikiService URL not created correctly in hosted mode in XWikiGWTDefaultApp
  • [XWIKI-2411] - Extra </script> printed when there are no objects to display in the object editor
  • [XWIKI-2413] - Global groups are not taken into account in a virtual wiki
  • [XWIKI-2415] - Sending notifications fails when restoring documents from the recycle bin
  • [XWIKI-2416] - The new observation component does not receive the old version of the document

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-1731] - Ability to change just one (or several) object properties
  • [XWIKI-2169] - Automatic logging of deprecated method calls in Velocity
  • [XWIKI-2241] - Add possibility to map one LDAP group with more that one XWiki group
  • [XWIKI-2366] - Custom Velocity Uberspector that allows chaining several uberspectors
  • [XWIKI-2394] - Add the ability to configure LDAP groups classes and members fields names


  • [XWIKI-2377] - Upgrate the apache-fop dependency
  • [XWIKI-2412] - Don't use fixDecodedURI when getting the document name from the request URI


  • [XWIKI-2346] - Standardize on Maven 2.0.9 for build
  • [XWIKI-2354] - Makes the SSL provider implementation used to support LDAP communication over SSL configurable
  • [XWIKI-2356] - Refactoring of the XMLRPC subsystem in order to handle proper setup/cleanup of the XWiki context
  • [XWIKI-2367] - Makes ComponentManager gettable without the XWikiContext
  • [XWIKI-2380] - Don't display the login link on the login page
  • [XWIKI-2387] - "userPassword" LDAP field should be configurable
  • [XWIKI-2393] - Introduce new Container component (using ThreadLocal variables) to prevent having to pass request/response/session data to all methods
  • [XWIKI-2398] - Add ability to register Velocity Context initialization components against the Velocity Context Factory
  • [XWIKI-2406] - Have "from" (second to last version) and "to" (last version) fields checked by default in the the document history
  • [XWIKI-2419] - Better language negotiation
  • [XWIKI-2423] - LDAP authenticator re-save user page even there is no modification

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