Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.4.1 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-2313] - Feed plugin's startUpdateFeedsInSpace does not allow to update two or more wiki with same space name in virtual mode
  • [XWIKI-2341] - Macro Mapping does not intialize properly macro definition in multi wiki mode
  • [XWIKI-2343] - Wysiwyg editor breaks accents in links
  • [XWIKI-2389] - The inline edit loses the doc's parent and title attributes
  • [XWIKI-2413] - Global groups are not taken into account in a virtual wiki
  • [XWIKI-2422] - Curly Quote coming from a Copy Paste is transformed into ? after cache is reset
  • [XWIKI-2430] - Unable to add "List of groups" and "Access Right levels" properties to class


  • [XWIKI-2417] - Add access level query functions for the GWT API
  • [XWIKI-2418] - Improve GWT suggest API
  • [XWIKI-2423] - LDAP authenticator re-save user page even there is no modification

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