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Navigate to Next/Previous Sibling Feature



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      Requested feature: new page navigation features

      • Provide a feature to navigate to the next / previous "sibling page" (page below the same parent page) from within the page.
      • Maybe also provide a feature to navigate to the first child page, and maye to navigate "upwards", from within the page.


      After importing a Word document using the Office importer, splitting the chapters to individual pages. I noticed a missing feature which also might be very handy in many other situations in Xwiki:

      In Wikis, you sometimes have individual pages which more or less stand on their own, and on the other hand you often have pages which logically belong together, i.e. in which case a "linear" information flow is split accross several pages.

      In case of an imported office document split to many pages, we get many pages logically connected with a common thread / "sequential information flow".

      In the resulting pages I immediately missed an option to easily jump to the "next" or "previous" section / page.

      This could be added to the office importer application, of course, which could generate the naviation links, but I think the general feature is more universal. Imported office documents are not the only example of sequentially connected pages, and a more general solution to this approach would make much more sense.

      On the other hand, there are probably many use cases where sibling pages to not share such a sequential relation, so it might make sense to be able to enable / disable it explicitly for a page(hierarchy).

      (However, maybe those new navigation features would not hurt even in case of pages which do not actually have such a linear information flow / common thread.)

      (Not sure if I assigned this issue to the richt product / component, please re-assign if there are more appropriate options.)


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