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Office Importer: Keep Original Document Structure Even With "Splitting" Import



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      It would be a significant usability enhancement if the Office Importer would ensure that a documents structure is kept intact after a "splitting" import, i.e. an import which creates separate pages for separate chapters or sections.

      In order to do so, it could make use of the following features:

      • XWIKI-16453 "Provide Some Explicit "Ordering" for Pages and Sub-Spaces in a Given Space"
        This feature would allow the importer to keep the ordering of the imported chapters. Currently, the ordering is "randomized" after import, depending on the lexicographical ordering of the chaper captions, which makes reading the result basically impossible without significant manual adjustments.
      • XWIKI-16574 "Office Importer: Hierarchical Chapter/Page Splitting"
        This feature would map the document's structure more naturally to the hierarchical content structure provided / supported by XWiki, and which is a core benefit of XWiki compared to the linear structure of plain text documents.
        Currently, the outcome of the importer is a huge flat list of dozends if sibling pages - which even are in a more or less random order, see the list bullet point above...
      • XWIKI-16452 "Navigate to Next/Previous Sibling Feature"
        This feature would allow a much more natural navigation through the content if a previously linear document was imported to a set of Wiki pages. It would only make sense if the suggested feature from the first list bullet point is implemented, of course, and in case the feature described by the second list bullet point is also supported, it would need to take this into account.


      In my opinion, those three features would significantly improve the quality and usability of the Office Importer's results.


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