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Contrast issues in Dashboard page and notifications list when using dark themes set at page tree level



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    • 12.6.5
    • Event Stream, Notifications
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    • Windows 10, XWiki 12.6.5 with Chrome 87 and Firefox 83
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      Preconditions: The Admin user has notifications activated and some events in the list

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as Admin
      2. Activate notifications
      3. Access the Dashboard page
      4. Click on More Actions > Administer page
      5. Select Look & Feel > Themes
      6. Select and apply Darkly / Slate / Superhero
      7. Access the Dashboard page

      Expected results: The colors on the UI have proper contrast so that the UI is clear and easy to use by the user. All content is shown and readable.

      Actual results: The colors used in the Activity Stream and in the Notifications list don't have the proper contrast (foreground / background) so the text is unreadable and the icons are not visible.


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