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Edit control cannot be reached for livedata for columns which are much larger than their content



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      How to reproduce:

      • create a livedata where the column title for is much larger than the column content
        • I used the livedata displayed for the Movies AWM from the default help module (using the parameter useLiveData=true)
      • position the mouse in a cell of the table, on the content of the column
      • the edit control will appear on hover in the middle of the cell, not under / next to the content
        • since left & right borders of the table are not displayed, it's also actually quite hard to understand why the edit tool is so far from the content
      • when trying to reach it with the mouse it disappears, because the shortest distance with the mouse is going out of the cell, in a diagonal.

      See the video: simplescreenrecorder-2022-02-22_16.02.36.mp4

      Expected result: the activation of the edit mode for the cell should be more natural than this. A couple of suggestions (but probably none good enough to be the final solution):

      • the cell that is active at hover, to which the edit tool would apply, if clicked, could be highlighted, either with a background or with borders (the cell should 'react' to the hover);
      • the edit tool could display to the right of the content of the cell rather than under the cell;
      • the edit tool could display centered under the content of the cell rather than centered under the cell itself;
      • a double click in the cell also feels 'natural' for the desktop usage, I would be curious why this was dropped (I think it was a matter of usability on mobile?).


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