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LDAP Authentication



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      Implementation of a substitude LDAP authentication class.

      The new features and changes:

      • Separate LDAP login and authentication validation
      • An LDAP group membership is first checked before a user can be authenticated against LDAP
      • LDAP Groups are handled recursivly (groups in groups)
      • LDAP Groups and their members are cached with an expiration
      • LDAP attributes can update XWiki user attributes configurable at create time or on every login
      • LDAP group membership can be sync'ed with XWiki group membership
      • If authentication with LDAP fails it still will try to authenticate against the XWiki DB
      • detailed comments in xwiki.cfg
      • pretty much every detail of the behavior can be configured in xwiki.cfg
      • All valuable features from the old LDAPAuthServiceImpl are reimplemented (except for LDAP bind being sufficent for login implemented by the check_level configuration)
      • Any LDAP attribute can be used containing the XWiki name
      • Added SSL support
      • Each virtual server can have it's own LDAP configuration even enable disable LDAP

      This has been tested against OpenLDAP, Novell eDirectory and ApacheDS.

      I would like to ask for a code-read, verification of how the module is using the XWiki APIs and testing in various environments.
      Most of all, I am looking for feedback.


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