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Office Importer: Hierarchical Chapter/Page Splitting



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      I classified this as a minor request, yet I'd consider the implementation of this feature a significant usability improvement for the Office Importer module.


      My forum post linked above with the feature question / request follows:


      After I finally figured out that I actually have to select "split document", chapter levels 1 to 3 to get what I want, I got the following page structure:

      Ok, all chapters have been split into separate pages, but

      • due to the chapter naming, the parent chapters like 1 or 2 are now sorted below the children chapters 1.1 or 2.1
      • the whole thing generates a huge children page list which is somewhat confusing / inconvenient

      Is there any way to automatically structure the pages hierarchically according the the document structure, i.e.

      • make the page of chapter 1.1 a child page of the page of chapter 1,
      • the page for 3.2.1 a child page of 3.2
      • which in turn is a child page of 3 etc.?

      Actually that was how I expected the importer would work - unfortunately, it doesn't seem to (yet).


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